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  • Walkers "Life in Progress" official release date is Aug. 7, 2019 at all of your favorite online retailers  and available now in our Music Shop.  With the lack of physical retailers it has not been decided whether to run CD/Vinyl's but made a last minute decision to sell them here in the Music Shop.  Sould be ready to ship on release.
  • New Music in the works!  It usually takes a few weeks to get it out in distribution but check back, when it's ready we will put a list of sites that will be carrying it - it's quite a long list. 
  • We will add band news when available... when they tell us, we'll tell you!   Right now the problem is sorting the songs into some kind of continuity instead of all over the road mixing acoustic and metal. 
  • Horst is back in the studio with one of his bands - I believe this time it's  AMPREX
  • Walker is returning to his park practicing and the desert along the routes used by hikers and bicyclists.




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